About Us

In 2004 the Areafilm TV & Video Production team began their work in the world of video and photo production. Due to the increasing need for photo material, the Areafoto team was created in 2007, which was exclusively engaged in photography, photojournalism and image preparation for paper and online media. Over the years we have focused on concert and sports photography, which does not mean that other forms are not a challenge for us. In October 2013, AreaFilm and AreaFoto, as well as some of the media under our publishing, merged into Areagroup, media company d.o.o., under which it operates today.

Over the years, the team has strengthened itself with new professional associates, providing services and photo material of excellent quality.

In recent years our colleagues and photographers have been regularly present at sports events such as:
– Champions League,
– Europa League.
– Serie A,
– Serie B,
– Serie C,
– all Slovenian sports leagues

Music events:
– Festival di Sanremo
– Beer & Flowers Festival
– Sea and Sun Melody Festival